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Our mission at Cultiv8kitz is delivering client focused turnkey solutions for private home cultivation of Cannabis/Hemp/CBD. Bridging steps of cultivating which can be difficult to learn and costly without the full knowledge of cultivating. 

The ethos at Cultiv8kitz is founded on 3 primary purposes: INFORMING, EDUCATING and EMPOWERING. We believe that there is a big gap to fill when it comes to information and cannabis/hemp/cbd in South Africa. With the World transforming towards better health care and financial stability using cannabis, South Africa has a collective need to be more informed.

Cultiv8kitz introduces: Germination  Starter Kit! A very simple and easy to use kit. Designed for the beginner to the expert cultivator. And made affordable to allow ANY cultivator interested in personal cultivation of cannabis/hemp/cbd to get active and involved. 

We have carefully put together basic elements together with a simple guide, and supported by our online community, to facilitate the first and most important step in cultivation. 

Our Kits is designed to:

  1. Deliver information about the organic and proven methods of cultivating Hemp

  2. Educate through practical implementations

  3. Empower the customer to get more involved

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