Lemon OG Feminised


Lemon OG results from crossing Super Lemon Skunk with the original OG Kush. Lemon OG is a very productive and high-yielding plant, especially when grown with the SoG method (Sea of Green). The Lemon OG genetics are easy to grow. The Indica-dominant genetics tend to keep the plants short, meaning there is no need to top them. Lemon OG tends to stay quite short and doesn’t stretch excessively. With a strong Indica content, we recommend giving her a week or two more vegetative growth than you normally do. This helps optimize the yields. For the highest cannabinoid content and the richest terpene profile we recommend LED grow lights to allow these fine genetics to reach optimum quality levels. Yields in the region of 500 gr/m2.Lemon OG is rich and fruity, with a delicious sweet lemon citrus taste and hints of spicy peppery Kush. THC production in excess of 20%. Its effect is happy & euphoric and it provides strong pain relief, perfect for a good night’s rest.

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