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#GrowYourOwn SOLO CUP Challenge  

Phase 1 – Open for Voting

Phase 2 – Open for Voting

Phase 3 – Open for Voting!

Phase 4 – Open for Entry!

1 July – 31 October

This will be a 16 week course of a competition. Where 50 of our elite members will compete among one another, in our exclusive competition. Cultiv8kitz will be hosting a FREE competition to the lucky participants. There will be 4 categories of competition each with its own 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. So 12 winners will be announced at the end of the campaign.

Categories will be: 

  1. Tallest Plant 
  2. Biggest Yield (dry)
  3. Best Looking Plant (structurally) 
  4. Best Looking Flower (after harvest) 

There will be 2 categories of competition which will be decided on through public voting. These two categories are Best Looking Plant and Best Looking Flower. 

We will open up a voting platform that will allow the public to partake in a vote which will determine a winner based on votes.


The 50 participants will all be sent a FREE Competition GSK as their participation entry.

The contestants will be required  to grow a Auto-flowering genetic from seed to harvest during  the total period of 16 weeks. 

The contestants will NEED to use the cultiv8kitz Germination Starter Kit to crack the seed to grow.

Contestants will NOT require to invest in any grow equipment and will require to grow the whole cycle with the materials and information that will be provided throughout. There will not be a requirement for lighting, however there will be guides to understand lighting and adapt one’s environment to give the plant natural light to take it through its course.   

The contestants will need to attract their own ‘fans’ to stimulate the voting during their growth. Each participant will be able to register themself on Cultiv8kitz site and will be offered an uploading feature to upload pictures and videos which each participant will be required to do throughout the competition. Each stage of the competition will have its own requirements which each participant will need to fulfill to stay in the competition and be an eligible prize winner. Each participant should motivate their growth publically to generate user votes to go towards the final. 

Competition Stages (by day) over 120 days

  1. Germination/Seedling: Day 1 – 14

  2. Vegetation: Day 15 – 42

  3. Flowering: Day 43 – 71

  4. Harvesting/Flush: Day 72 – 90

  5. Trim/Dry/Cure: Day 91 – 120

Categories of Prize Winners

Tallest Plant

1st place 

2nd place 

3rd place 

Biggest Yield

1st place 

2nd place 

3rd place 

Best looking flower (based on public voting)

1st place 

2nd place 

3rd place 

Best looking plant (based on public voting)

1st place 

2nd place 

3rd place